NICET Study Guide – NFPA 72 Chapter 4 Fundamentals of Fire Alarm (Part 2)

This is the second post of the most important notes from NFPA 72 Chapter 4 – Fundamentals of Fire Alarm Systems. Be sure to read Part 1 of this chapter in previous post.

  • Equipment shall be capable to operate at 85% and 110 % of nameplate voltage.
  • Equipment Shall be capable to operate at temperature between 32 and 120 Degree Fahrenheit (0-49 Celsius).
  • Equipment shall be capable to operate  at 85% relative humidity and 86 Degree ambient temperature.
  • in  an areas that are not continuously occupied, an Automatic  smoke detection shall be provide to protect fire alarm panels, NAC  power extenders and Supervising Station transmitting equipment.

Exception to the above codes:

  1. A heat detector shall be permitted if the environment prohibit installation of smoke detector.
  2. No protection is required when the building is fully sprinklered.
  3. if required detector shall be install on ceiling or wall within  21 ft of the center line of the equipment being protected. For ceilings 15ft or less.
  4. for ceilings above 15ft high, the detector shall be installed on the wall above and within 6 ft fro the top of the equipment being protected.
  • Alarm, Supervisory and Trouble annunciation where required shall be by visible means (lamp or alphanumeric display).
  • Annunciators location shall be easily accessible and approved by AHJ.
  • Annunciators shall be capable of displaying all zones in alarm.
  • Each floor of the building shall be considered a separate zone.
  • if more than one building id protected by one system, each building shall annunciated separately.
  • Generally, all means of interconnecting equipment, devices, and appliances and wiring connection shall be monitored for integrity any trouble shall be indicated within 200 second..
  • Speaker Amplifier and tone generating equipment shall be monitored for integrity as well. Any failure in the equipment shall result in trouble signal.
  • Primary and secondary power supplies shall be monitored for the presence of voltage.
  • AHJ’s Shall be notified before any installation or modification of the equipment or the wiring.
  • Record of completion shall be prepared by a qualified person for each installation.
  • Copy of the record of completion shall be provided to the owner and AHJ.
  • Changes to the system shall be documented on the record of completion.
  • System owner shall be provided with Manufacturers operation manual, record drawings and a copy of site software if applicable.
  • A final test and verification if required, shall be performed by qualified person or organization acceptable by the AHJ’s.
  • Record of the test and operation shall be kept until the next test and for 1 year after.
  • Supervising station signals and tests shall be maintained for minimum of 1 year.
  • Owner shall be notified if the system is impaired. and a record shall be maintain for 1 year.
  • Periodic testing repair and maintenance shall be responsibility of the owner.

These are the most important notes in chapter 4 – Fundamentals of Fire Alarm Systems. Go over them and try to memorize as much as you can.

To summarize chapter 4 for NICET Certification exam study, the followings are the main headings of this chapter. Any questions in the exam related to these topics should be covered in this chapter.

  1. System Designers and Installers.
  2. Power Supplies.
  3. Storage Batteries.
  4. Alarm, Supervisory and Trouble  Signals and Silencing.
  5. Voltage, Temperature and Humidity variations of the System.
  6. Annunciation.
  7. Monitoring Integrity.
  8. Documentation.
  9. Impairments.

I will review Chapter 5  – Initiating Devices on my next upcoming posts.

Happy Studying and Cheers!.



by John

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  • Hello John.

    I have a question. What chapters in NFPA 72 apply to Nicet 1 test? How about Nicet 2 test?

    • Hi Jorge,

      NICET levels are not based on specific sections of the NFPA 72. instead they are divided based on tasks. The following link will explain what each level is based on. Basically The materials on each level is based on your experience with the trade. I will try to expand on each level and each task on my future posts. I wish you good luck in your study.

  • John,

    This is a great site. Thank you. Do you have a guide for level 2 fire alarm systems?

    • Hi Wade,

      Glad you enjoyed the site. Nicet level 2 study guide is in the works. I have few posts that I am planing to write before jumping to level 2.

      it is really hard to juggle between work, study, parenting and community work. I will post the articles as soon as I can. Meanwhile thanks for reading and happy studying. Let me know if you need anything else.


  • Hi – I was about to purchase a Webinar from National Training Center to study for NICET 1. Can I find all information needed to prepare for test with your website or do you suggest I go ahead and purchase the Webinar?

  • Hi John,
    I will be Taking the NICET level 2 exam and I was wondering what should I expect? What should I study? What should I be looking for in the IBC book?

    • Hi Joseph,
      Recently NICET Changed their references and study material. I had some family issues that I needed to attend to for the last few month, so I was not able to update the site. I will be continuing to add more materials and study guides soon.
      in IBC, you basically need to know the requirement of fire alarm system in each occupancy group.
      Please check back soon.

  • Hi John
    You have done a great job on this site. I have referred a couple Technicians over to your site, they have enjoyed all the info. as well.
    I’m studying for my level 2 test. I have now been informed Nicet is now using NFPA 72 2013 as an approved book for testing. With that being said,
    Will you be updating your site in the near future? For the new requirements of the approved study/test material.
    Thanks in advance, Sean

    • Sean,
      I am glad you find the site helpful. For the last few months I had some major family medical issues that hindered me from studying for the exams and updating the site.
      I will definitely be updating the site and adding new materials to reflect the new changes with NICET.
      thanks for your kind words.


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