NFPA 72 Unlocked and Demystified for NICET Exam(Part 2 – Video)

This is the second part of a previous post NFPA 72 Unlocked and Demystified for NICET Exam Part 1. I have decided to make it a video post so you can have a clear understanding of the material.

This video is about the NFPA 72,  The National Fire Alarm Code reference book, and explains how to use this book during your study for NICET exams and also how to use it in the actual exam. I will be talking about how I organized my book and go over a sample NICET practice test question and explain how to find the answer using this book. I have included the transcript of the video at the bottom of this post.

Transcript of the video: NFPA 72 Unlocked and Demystified for NICET Exam
Hey guys john here, today we gonna discuss the NFPA 72 The National Fire Alarm Code Book the 2007 Edition, and see how can we use this book during our study and also during the actual NICET Exam.

First I’m gonna show you how I organized my book, and then we gonna go to a typical question and see how can we find the answer using this book.

NICET Open Book Policy
Before..before I go into he contents of’s video, let me just make clear about NICET policy regarding books and references that you can bring with you to the exam room. Now this is one of the.. one of the books… that’s permitted to be in every single level of the certification, from level I, Level II, Level III and Level IV, so you will have this book at every single exam you take at NICET.

NICET policy regarding books is: 1) you can tab your books like I did here, However the tabs should be permanent. Those tabs should be permanent, you can not just put a sticky note in there and just a bunch of sticky notes that you can take them easily and arrange them, that’s a no no. Your tabs should be part of the page actually, see how it is.. and what I used for my tabs, basically I used a label from Avery, this is Avery and it is Avery model number 5430 and it comes in .. I don’t know if you can see it clearly or not.. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven , fourteen label on a sheet.

This is how I divided my book, I started which chapter 3, basically I divided into chapters. Chapter one is the administration chapter, which I don’t think that’s gonna be a significant to our test.. and chapter two is basically reference books.

So we start with chapter 3, and we go down to chapter 11, then we have what we call the Annexes. Annex A is the explanatory material which expands on the actual codes. And Annex B is the engineering guide for Automatic Fire Detector Spacing, then Annex C is the wiring Diagrams and Guides for Testing Fire Alarm Circuits, and Annex E is the Mass Notification System, and finally we have the Index, The index is the most important part of our book.. which we gonna be using it a lot, so please pay attention to this index part, we gonna be using this in our study and exams. Now everything will become clear to you once we take an actual question and go over how to find the answer during our exam using this book with the tabs and those tabs at the bottom

Also NICET policy is that you can highlight your book. Like I did over her, but please..please don’t go crazy highlighting every single section, otherwise the whole book will be important and it will be red yellow and green. What I did is I just highlighted the important… the sections… the main sections of the chapter with yellow and highlighted the sub sections of that main area with different color, see I don’t have that much highlighting, just a few highlights.

Your book should be bonded, like solid one piece, it can not be multiple loose pages. If it’s loose it should be in a binder, like a three ring binder.. and everything is complete. Also your book should be…Shouldn’t have any hand written notes on it like this, this is not allowed.. and again your stickies.. your labels should be permanent and not loose, not like this, otherwise NICET will take the book from you and you will be left without a book during your exam.

Sample NICET Exam Practice Question
So lets see how can we implement this book now at an actual test scenario. So lets take a question.

the question is:

What is the color code for a heat detector rated at 325 Degree Fahrenheit

A) Blue
B) Orange
C) Red
D) Uncolored

Now each question should have a few keywords in it. One or more than one keywords. By keywords, I mean the important words that will lead you to the answer. In this example, the important words..the keywords I found is heat detector and color code.

So we jump to the Index..we search for heat detector first of all . H..H.. Heat Detector. The next keyword is color code…color coding and we see the answer in so we open .. we go to section 5 using our tab and we go down to over here Heat-sensing fire detectors of the fixed-temperature or rate-compensated, spot-type shall be classified as to the temperature of operation and marked with color code in accordance with table

So here is the table we said 325… 325… 325 is color red. So coming back to the question the answer is C red, and we find that in section in NFFPA 72 2007 edition. Easy isn’t it . Now keep in mind not every single question in NICET gonna be easy like this.

There are two types of questions on NICET. The first one is the simple straight forward question like we have seen in this video, and the other type is what we call a time consuming question or research intensive question. Bear in mind that you have one minute almost on any level exam, you have almost one minute per question to find the answer for that question. So our goal is to answer as much simple questions as possible and then go to the research intensive questions and try to find the answer for those questions.

Those research intensive question are in this form: which of the following is true. Or which of the following is acceptable. See the answer .. you need to research every single answer to find if that’s the case if that’s statement is true or that statement is not true. And that will definitely take you more than one minute. So for now skip those, just flag them, you can always come back to those questions just make sure you flag them in your computer and then come back to those questions once you’re done with the simple ones and tackle those questions.

I hope this was helpful, and please, please let me know what else you need to learn about that will help you in studying for your NICET Exam. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, and also don’t forget to check my web site at You can track my progress for the NICET exam on that website.

Until then happy studying and cheers.


by John

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